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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an independent agent?


The only difference between an Independent Agent and Captive Agents like State Farm or Allstate is that we have access to more than one company to find you the most competitive coverage and rates.  We are local and here to service any of your insurance needs.


Are the Insurance Companies you work with financially stable?


We work with a multitude of Companies that we thoroughly check out to ensure they are not only financially strong but also offer the service and coverage to meet our clients needs.

How does escrow work with your Homeowners Insurance?


Your mortgage company divides your Homeowners premium up and includes it in your monthly house note.  They keep that money in your escrow account and pay your Homeowners Insurance once a year at renewal. Keep in mind your insurance policy belongs to you.  If you sell your home, you need to contact us to cancel your policy.

I need a Homeowners Declaration page for my taxes.  What is this and why?


Your Homeowners Declarations is the policy that is mailed to you every renewal.  There are credits you are eligible for on your state return for the Louisiana Fair Plan Assessment fee.


Is flood covered under my Property Insurance policy?


Whether it be a personal home or a commercial building, flood is a separate policy and NOT included in your homeowners or commercial property policy.  It is available for purchase through our office.

Am I required by state law to carry Workers Compensation Insurance?


Employers in Louisiana are required to maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance even if they only have one employee. This includes part-time, full-time, temporary, or seasonal employees.

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